Cabin in the Woods is the first episode in Season 1 of The Supernaturals. It is also the Series premiere episode, which aired on January 5, 2015.


College sophomore Tyson Stanton and his best friend, Joel Winters, gets stranded on an unfinished highway just on the outskirts of the town of Turendale, where they are captured by an un-human creature. 


Tyson Stanton heads to North Turendale University, where he and his best friend, Joel Winters, attend. Joel, who lives on campus, meets up with Tyson where they practice football in the field. Tyson talks to his long time crush, Felicia Hendricks, for the first time.

They head to class where they make plans on driving to the city to meet up with Tyson’s dad. Felicia overhears them talking, as well as Dylan Hewitt, Felicia’s boyfriend and captain of the football team. Dylan gives them the wrong directions. Joel invites Valentine Forbes, Felicia’s best friend, but Valentine declines. They both head out to an abandoned highway where they get stranded when Joel’s car breaks down. Joel tries calling for a mechanic when they start hearing noises from the woods.

They both try to investigate, despite Joel disagreeing to Tyson’s idea. They become separated, causing Joel to panic. Joel dials Valentine’s phone but before he can speak, he is grabbed from behind, and is knocked unconscious. Valentine, who put the phone on speaker with Felicia, hear Joel’s screaming before he was knocked unconscious, causing them to worry. Dylan convinces them that they were just fishing for attention. 

Tyson, who was also knocked unconscious, wakes up tied up to pole in a basement of an old cabin somewhere in the woods. He sees Joel tied up across from him, still unconscious. Tyson hears footsteps and a man emerges from the dark. Joel regains consciousness, just in time to see the man, who introduced himself as Marcus, transform into a werewolf. Behind him, a guy, Mason Millet, watches as Tyson and Joel react to the horrifying transformation. Tyson and Joel tries to break free from being tied up to no avail. Marcus reveals to them that werewolves have existed for more than a century in Turendale. Marcus and Mason leaves them both, after he tells them that they will not live to see more of the supernatural. Tyson and Joel, still shocked, look at each other in fear, as they comprehend the fact that they will die in the hands of a werewolf.


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