Colt Raytel (screen name) is a director, writer, creator, producer, and the CEO of Craytel. Colt is known for being the head of Craytel, as well as its subsidiary, Wonder Studios.


Colt Raytel was born in the Philippines on December 2, 1995. He moved with his family to Los Angeles where he began his interest with the entertainment industry. He was a business student at UCLA where he established Craytel in late 2011. Since then, he has acted as the CEO of Craytel as well as its subsidiary, Wonder Studios.


A High School Rockstar

Colt created the first Craytel Channel Series, A High School Rockstar based off the series, Austin & Ally. This was the start of his career as director and writer. He also executive produced the series from the first season to its last season. The series became a hit series later on.

TV and Film

Colt has created a number of series for Craytel Channel for 2015, as well as original films. He has also produced a talent management program called Star Quest. He has also produced, created, directed and written numerous tv series for MOX Network, Craytel's flagship network property. Colt acts as producer to different films under Craytel Studios.

Wonder Studios

Colt has created a whole cinematic universe from original superheroes that he has created. Produced under Wonder Studios, some of the films are directed or written by him. He is credited as producer for all of the films under Wonder.



Year Title Credited as
Creator Director Writer Producer
2012 - Present A High School Rockstar Yes
2015 - Present The Supernaturals Yes
2015 - Present Supernatural Stakeout Yes Yes
2015 - Present The Amy Poehler Show Yes Yes
2015 Kyle & Jane Yes
2015 - Present Revenge Yes
2015 - Present Avatar Yes
2015 - Present Rising Stars Yes Yes
2015 - Present Secret Life Yes
2015 Upside Down Yes
2015 - Present Martian McGowan Yes
2015 - Present Bionic Son Yes
2015 Teens Dot Com Yes
2015 - Present Ultimate Performer Yes
2015 - Present Last Man Standing Yes Yes
2015 - Present How to be a Parent Yes
2015 - Present Mr. & Mrs. Agents Yes Yes
2015 - Present The Undead Yes
2015 - Present My Musical Life Yes Yes

TV Movies

Year Title Credited as
Director Writer Producer
2014 Saving Christmas Night Yes
2015 Magical Disaster Yes
2015 Runaway Princess Yes
2015 Project Summer Yes


Year Title Credited as
Director Writer Producer Screenwriter
2015 The Guardians Yes
2015 Marvel Man Yes
2015 End of the Line Yes Yes