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Welcome to the Craytel Wikia, a public site database of the fictional company, The Craytel Company, or most commonly known as Craytel. Craytel produces fiction tv series and films, like a real mass media company. Everyone is welcome to pitch in their ideas for any of the platforms available. This wiki is available to be edited by anyone but this ability should not be taken for granted. The wiki reserves the right to ban anyone from the wiki if they are caught violating the site policy. Information on this wiki is strictly fictional and not all written here is factual. Feel free to message any available admins for help. Enjoy your stay!
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MOX Network
MOX is Craytel's flagship television network property, which caters to mature audiences 19 and up. Consisting of American Programming in Primetime and Filipino Programming in Daytime, Its programming ranges from Sci-Fi, Romance, Mystery, Drama, Fantasy and Thriller Suspense.
Craytel Studios
Craytel Studios is one of Craytel's major businesses and is the main component of its Studio Entertainment segment. It is the main production studio of Craytel which produces feature films and animation films.
Wonder Studios
Wonder Studios is Craytel's second film studio operating under Craytel Studios. It is dedicated to producing films in the Wonder Cinematic Universe, one of the company's biggest venture which explores a big universe of superheroes.
02/23/18 Marvel Man 2 Premiere
05/04/18 Jerod: Fall of Merkon Premiere
05/25/18 Escape Premiere
07/27/18 Warlock Premiere
11/02/18 Vulture: The Assassin Premiere

For more news and other articles about the company, series and films, visit Craytel Press, a blog about everything Craytel! If you are interested in becoming an author for the blog, leave a message to any of the admins available.

Visit Craytel Press to learn more about the latest production news like Cast Announcements, Series Renewals, Film Productions and more.

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