Craytel Studios is an American film studio, a studio entertainment division of Craytel. The studio is based at the Craytel Studios in Burbank, California.


Craytel began production for its first feature film, End of the Line, in early 2014. The company opted out of looking for a studio to produce the film, and so it established its own, which is now known as the Craytel Studios.

Since then, Craytel Studios has produced numerous feature films that became box office hits. Craytel then formed their own distribution company, Craytel Studios Motion Pictures, which has been distributing all its films.



During the process of launching Craytel, Colt Raytel came to the conclusion that it would be much easier and better if all the film units of Craytel will fall under one umbrella, and thus Craytel Studios was born. This became one of Craytel's main divisions, which is often referred to as the Studio Entertainment Division.

By the end of 2013, Craytel Studios have finished construction on the company's largest lot. Colt Raytel assigned Judy Moores to oversee the studio segment in December 2013. Craytel Pictures and Worldwide Pictures were formed. To avoid having to outsource for a distribution company, Craytel Studios formed Craytel Studios Motion Pictures to distribute all of their films.

Wonder Studios was formed within the unit in 2013. Since then, the studio have been hosting many different productions, including tv series from MOX Network and Craytel Channel, before the former was sold.

In January 2016, the studio announced that it is planning venturing to music production, with plans halted mid-2016 to give way to its expansion for the lot. On February 4, 2018, it was announced that the plans will move forward, with the studio launching a recording label in 2020.

Studio Structure

Studio Units
Production Distribution
Craytel Pictures
Worldwide Pictures
Craytel Animation Studios
Wonder Studios
Craytel Studios Motion Pictures
Open Field Pictures
Craytel Studios Home Entertainment


Craytel Pictures is a film banner that encompasses the release of its own live-action productions, in addition to films produced by the company's animation studio, Craytel Animation Studios. Worldwide Pictures is another film production studio under Craytel Studios. Wonder Studios produces superhero films, all of which is part of the Wonder Cinematic Universe franchise.


Most film productions mentioned above are distributed theatrically by Craytel Studios Motion Pictures and on home media platforms by Craytel Studios Home Entertainment. Open Field Pictures, another film distribution company, releases much more indie films and foreign films.

Craytel Music Entertainment

Craytel Music Entertainment is the planned music production group of Craytel Studios, which will be launched near 2020. It will house a record label under Craytel, and other publishing entities that will handle Craytel's music.