The following is a list of episodes of Fanfic Channel series, Revenge. Created by Aaron Moon, the series follows the lives of college students, who finds themselves being stalked and threatened by a mysterious figure in the alias, Anonymous.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 26 January 18, 2015 2015

Season 1: January 2015 - Present

  • This season consists of 26 episodes.
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Title Directed by Written by Original air date US Viewers (millions)
1 1 "Anonymous" Aaron Moon Aaron Moon & Justin Ramage January 18, 2015 10.26

Drew Savage and his crew finds their first day back at college being ruined by a mysterious stalker that has made them the laughing topic of the semester. Thinking it was an attack from jealous students, they try to let the incidents pass but when things become more serious, they start to take matters seriously as they try to find out who has been trying to bring them down.

Notes: This episode is the series premiere episode.

2 2 "Suspect List" Tyler Johansen Aaron Moon & Keenan Edison January 25, 2015 10.31

The crew try to put together a list of suspects that could be Anonymous. Darius and Summer tries to convince the rest of the crew on bringing the issue to the police but Anonymous makes a move to prevent them from doing so.

3 3 "Double-Crossed" Spencer Peran Aaron Moon & Jasper Tan February 1, 2015 10.34

Darius is blackmailed by Anonymous to get him to veer the crew away from being closer to finding out his or her’s identity, but when the crew finds out, they use it to lure Anonymous into a trap.

4 4 "Family First" Felix Maurer & Jimmy Ott Mitzie Irwin, Aaron Moon & Eddie Spalding February 8, 2015 10.39

Mia’s brother, Matt, surprises her when he visits town. Not wanting to put Matt in danger, Mia enlists the help of the crew to get him to leave town, without making Matt suspicious. 

5 5 "Bonfire" Tyler Johansen Keenan Edison February 15, 2015 10.42

Anonymous attempts another murder on the crew during the bonfire. Meanwhile, Summer and Darius finds out that Owen was the only other person who had access to Erick’s car, making him a suspect. 

6 6 "I'm Dating a Stalker" Spencer Peran Justin Ramage & Nick Stacks February 22, 2015 10.40

Mia goes on a date with Calvin, one of football players, but the crew finds out a disturbing information on him that could put Mia’s life in danger.

7 7 "A Day at the Fair" TBA Aaron Moon March 1, 2015

The crew finds out that they are not the only ones being stalked by the mysterious Anonymous. Meanwhile, Robbie and Summer are forced to volunteer at the town fair to keep a look out for Calvin.

8 8 "Roommate" TBA Aaron Moon March 8, 2015

Darius and Kim tracks down Erick’s old roommate to find out more about the guy that Owen met a few times. Robbie tries to ask Darius for advice on asking a girl out on a date, after his numerous disastrous tries before.

9 9 "Think Outside The Box" TBA TBA March 15, 2015

After Mia goes missing, the crew assumes that Calvin has something to do with it. The crew must find Mia after Anonymous sends them a timer that might cost Mia her life when they don’t find her in time.

10 10 "Trip to Hawaii" TBA TBA March 22, 2015

Kim is forced to pretend to be nice when Erick’s ex-girlfriend, Sheila, mysteriously shows up in town looking for him. Meanwhile, Drew tries to arrange a vacation for Mia to keep her safe from Anonymous. 

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