MOX Network, better known as MOX, is a fictional American television network channel. It is Craytel's television flagship property.

The network was launched on January of 2015. Its programs targets mature audiences above 19.


Forming of the Channel (2014-2015)

MOX is the flagship television network that was launched by Craytel as part of one of the most broad launching of a mass media company. It was intended for a more mature audience with genres ranging from Drama, Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Fantasy and Reality. It's first week of programming consisted of reruns of syndicated series.

International Channel

On November 20, 2017, it was announced that in 2018, MOX Network will also broadcast Filipino series. The live action series will premiere during primetime, while at daytime, MOX will broadcast original drama series, both filipino and english. However, the broadcast will have english subtitles, integrating the filipino culture and entertainment into MOX. This is to cater to the large filipino audience of MOX, as well as the network's large presence in the Philippines.

Current Programming

Original Live Action Series

Game Shows

Talk Shows

Former Programming

Original Live Action Series

 Future Programming

Philippine Drama Series

Variety Show