Peter Adrian Sudarso born on (August 1990) is a Chinese american model and actor.


He is a Chinese-American fashion model and blogger who has also dabbled in acting, appearing in commercials for Apple as well as various episodes of JustKiddingFilms.

He moved to America when he was about 9 from Indonesia and found a home in LA. He is attending Cal State Long Beach for studio art, though he is currently taking a year off of school to pursue his dreams in the industry (modeling and acting). He is a born-again Christian, a breakdancer, a salsa dancer, a paper boy, a dog masseuse, an animal enthusiasts, a lover, an artist, a style blogger, a surfer, an Airsofter, a guitar player, a poet, an actor, a commercial model ; pretty much, I'm what you'd call a hobbyist. I'm passionate about a lot of things, style blogging being one of them.