Revenge is an American original MOX series, created by Aaron Moon. First announced on December 12, 2014, during the Fanfic Channel Upfront, the series will premiere on January 18, 2015. Fanfic Channel has ordered 26 episodes for the series.

On December 22, 2014, Fanfic Channel announced that Revenge will air on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT and will carry a TV-14 rating, which is recommended for audiences 14 and up. The series officially premiered on January 18, 2015, which garnered a total of 10.26 million US viewers, making it the most watched Fanfic Channel pilot episode.


A group of college friends find themselves being stalked and threatened by a mysterious figure in the small town of Riverdale. Branded with the codename “Anonymous”, the group of friends scout the whole town to find the mysterious figure that’s causing their lives and relationships to fall apart, as a scheme for revenge. Their determination to apprehend Anonymous intensifies when death comes into the picture.

Cast and Characters

Main Cast and Characters

Recurring Cast and Characters



The series started filming late August 2014, where it filmed in Seattle, Washington. The series used the University of Washington as a stand in for Riverdale University, a university that the main characters attend. The series also films in a mansion in Mercer Island, which will be a stand in for a residential house of one of the characters.


On January 2, 2015, Fanfic Channel released the cast list for Revenge. The cast list, however, does not mention who the main or recurring cast are. The main cast will be confirmed after the premiere of the series.