Supernatural Stakeout is a live talk show in which host Tiffany Thornton discusses episodes of the Fanfic Channel series The Supernaturals with guests, including cast members and crew from the series.


The talk show will be broadcasted after each new episode premiere of The Supernaturals. Each episode will be half an hour long. It will also be shot live from the studio. Supernatural Stakeout is the second program from Fanfic Channel to be broadcasted in 1080p (HDTV), compared to other shows, which airs in 720p.

Supernatural Stakeout is the second talk show program that aired on Fanfic Channel, but it was the first to be announced and ordered.

Since the program debuted after the second episode of The Supernaturals, it will only consist of 25 episodes instead of 26 for its first season.


Before the talk show airs, a new episode of The Supernaturals premieres. The half-hour talk show then starts with Tiffany introducing the guest for the night. This usually includes one, some or all of the main cast members, the writers of the episode, director of the episode, or the creator of the series. The talk show also features some of the guest stars of the episode that premiered.

To start of the talk show, the cast and crew will talk about the episode, what they think about it and the filming of the episode. Tiffany would often show a small clip from the episode, which will start discussion within the guest, the host and the audience.

The next segment includes questions that comes from the audience, which will either be answered by Tiffany or the guests. Every episode, a two minute behind-the-scenes clip will also be released on the episode that preceded the talk show.