The Users Guide below will show you what your steps would be to take if you have decided to participate in the wiki, including creating a film or tv series, writing, casting, etc. If you are only here to browse and join in discussions, you are not required to follow this guide. However, all wikia users can follow this guide regardless.

Stage Name

If you are going to be creating a TV Series or a Film, writing episodes for a show, helping with the casting of programs, planning on working for the wiki or planning to be an admin, a stage name is required. A stage name is a pseudonym used by people other than their own names. Since in the wiki, each person is given a username, the users will have to create their stage name to be used on pages relating to their tv series or films. This is so it will look more professional than by just inputting your wikia username.

For example, a person's username could be AustinAndAllyWiki. They could create a stage name like Jake Welling. There are endless possibilities for your stage name, as long as it is not your real name to protect your identity. You are also to make sure that the screen name has not been taken by any other users. In the form below, edit the page and enter your username and desired stage name, so that all users will know who you are, and no two names will be exactly identical. Similar or matching first/last names is acceptable, as long as the full name is not identical.

User Pages

Once you have decided on your screen name, create a page with your stage name as the page name. For some reference, had to Colt Raytel. There, you can use the InfoboxCast template for inputting your information. Any information on this page is not required to be factual, and is recommended to be fictional.


Input your wikia username in the left column and your stage name on the right. Make sure to create a link to your page.

Wikia Username Stage Name
ColtRaytel Colt Raytel